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TremorSURE consists of a collection of natural ingredients that provide support for essential tremor.

• Developed specifically for individuals with essential tremor.
• Contains only the highest-quality natural ingredients.
• Provides detailed information for you to share with your physician.
• Continuous improvement results in the best supplements possible.

(30 day supply)


Free Shipping (six and twelve month supplies) are eligible to for free shipping.

Product Support

Letter for Physician

Please keep your physician informed of your dietary supplement use. Download and share the ingredient information with your physician.

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Research on this product

Discover the research that has gone into the making of TremoreSURE.

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Package Description: 90 Tablets, 30 day supply
Tremore Supplement Fact

The goal of Standardized Supplements is to provide exceptionally high quality custom blended supplements specifically developed for our customers’ specific needs.
All of our products are based on studies in high quality peer-reviewed academic journals. This means that at least two experts have reviewed these reports and validated the scientific integrity of the methodology and findings. All of our formulations are also reviewed by an independent expert panel to confirm selection of appropriate raw materials and determine appropriate testing for the raw materials. This expert panel also analyzes the components of the product for potential interactions and provides the data for the physician letters about each of our products.

Neurons and their supporting cells are important for efficient conduction of brain signals to muscles through the neuromuscular junctions. These signals are transduction pathways which support daily motor function which allows for smooth and reliable control of muscles. Ingredients such as creatine and riboflavin have been reported to show improvements in tremors.

TremorSURE contains a unique proprietary blend of natural materials that provide support for these cells and the signals they carry. These and other ingredients have been combined and formed into a pill that you simply take three times a day.
Discover the research that went into the making of TremorSURE

We have developed a rigorous quality control program to guarantee products of only the highest quality.

  1. First, the raw materials undergo testing by high performance liquid chromatography to verify material identity.
  2. Second, all material undergoes a colony forming unit test to verify no bacterial contamination.
  3. Third, we test all materials for the presence of additional contaminants such as heavy metals.

Only materials that meet our stringent criteria for all of these tests are used in our products. As a final measure to confirm quality, after manufacturing the final product is again tested by high performance liquid chromatography to verify that all the components have maintained the original potency and have not degraded in the manufacturing process.

Tremor Resources
Essential tremor is a relatively common disorder of unknown etiology. Learn more about essential tremor from the following resources:

  1. Patient information handouts from The American Academy of Neurology.
    View handout (PDF)
  2. Guidelines for physicians in treating essential tremor from The American Academy of Neurology.
    View handout (PDF)
  3. An overview of essential tremor from The National Institute of Neurologic Disease and Stroke.
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